What Does Acc Mean?

Acc means actually, a British slang that’s popularly used all around England. Actually is just another way of emphasizing or talking about something. Additionally, it can also be used normally, like how “actually” is normally used. However, it is just commonly switched out of slang culture. 

There is no definite origin for the term “acc” but it’s been commonly used all around England for quite a while. According to Urban Dictionary, the earliest account for when it was entered as an internet term was in 2010.

  • Acc means Actually.
  • It lets people know that you’re trying to either emphasize a point or just using common British slang, instead of the whole word “actually”.

If you’re talking to someone and feel like either abbreviating or shortening some sentences, it’s totally acceptable to use “acc” in the place of “actually”.

How To Use Acc 

Acc means actually, and is commonly used by Englishmen and women. It’s a form of British slang, so it might be better to use it when talking to such people. Additionally, you can use acc through text and in person, but it’s commonly used in text messages rather than the latter. 


I mean online classes are acc the worst.

I acc had a great time last night, best party ever.

Acc, I don’t want to go to college anymore, especially with the pandemic.

Acc Meaning Infographic

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