Meaning of Aoe in Games

Aoe means area of effect, a gaming term that’s used to describe a skill or power that affects a certain area. Aoe can refer to the damage of the spell or the size of the area it covers. Normally, it refers to the size.

The abbreviation has no credible source of origin. However, the first uses of the word can be somewhat dated back to the early 2000s, back when gaming was slowly becoming an increasingly popular hobby.

  • Aoe means area of effect.
  • It lets people know that you’re talking about the area of effect of a spell, or that the spell or power affects a large area.

If you’re chatting or talking to someone about games, aoe is another way of saying that the spell, superpower, or bomb deals damage to an area.

How To Use Aoe 

Aoe means area of effect, a term that describes that something will happen in an area. You can use aoe when talking or chatting with your friends. If you say it vocally, it’s pronounced by saying the individual letters A, O, E. Aoe is a gaming term and should be used as such, usually when pertaining to spells, bombs, and so on that affects an area in the game.


Use your aoe spells man

The new skills have a large aoe, it’s insane