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ARA ARA Meaning

What Does ara ara Mean?

ara ara means ‘oh dear, oh my’, a Japanese phrase that expresses concern. In anime and meme culture, ara ara is usually related to a sexual intention by an onee-san (older sister in Japanese).

The phrase ara ara was already used in old Japanese animes like Love Hina, but spread and originated as a meme or catchphrase from 4chan in 2008.

  • ara ara is Japanese for ‘oh dear, oh my’.
  • It lets a younger boy know that you (an older female/sister) is sexually interested in them.

If you’re an older female/sister talking to a younger boy intimately, saying ‘ara ara’ is a way to tell them that you’re thinking about sexual intentions. 

How To Use ara ara

ara ara is an internet phrase that has very sexual connotations. It leans more on anime and meme culture, so most people may not understand what you’re trying to say when you use ara ara. 


You’ve grown so big ara ara

Ara ara are you about to change?

Ara ara. Do you have a girlfriend?

Ara Ara Meaning Infographic

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