ASF Meaning

What Does asf Mean?

asf means as fuck, a phrase that lets others know that you mean what you just previously said to an extreme degree. It’s usually used to exaggerate previous statements, like saying “she is pretty as hell” or asf.

The term asf developed around 2014 when it was wrongly used by a lot of people to abbreviate “as fuck”. Asf even got entered in internet slang websites as an incorrect abbreviation.

  • asf is an abbreviation for as fuck.
  • It lets people know that you mean your previous sentence by a lot.

If you’re texting or chatting online, saying asf after your sentence can elevate your statement or sentence to a higher degree, as if to make it more important or meaningful.

How To Use asf

asf is an Internet slang word that has been ridiculed by many to be the wrong abbreviation. If you want to use asf we would like to recommend that you use “af” instead, which is the correct way to abbreviate “as fuck”.

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I’m hungry af.

Dude that was sick af.

Dude im fast af i could run the whole mile.

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