What Does BBY Mean?

bby means baby, a term that refers to a loved one or a cute baby-like figure like a puppy, cute drawing or small and adorable animal. Bby is not really an abbreviation as much as it is a cuter way of saying baby.

The term bby was first used all the way from the late 2000s and is still continually used to this day. There is no credited origin for the term, only that it became widespread really fast.

  • bby is an abbreviation for baby.
  • It lets someone know that you are calling them by an endearing nickname, baby but in a cuter way.

If you’re chatting or texting someone online, typing out or saying bby can be an endearing and cute way to call someone as a nickname.

How To Use bby

bby is an Internet slang word that is recognized by almost everyone, including some of the older generation. When you’re talking to your Mrs./Mr., girlfriend/boyfriend, or a cute animal like a puppy, you can refer to them as bby as a cute endearing nickname.

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Hi bby youre so cute

My bby looks amazing today

I’m so sad and lonely i miss my bby

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