What Does BD Mean?

Bd means Black Disciples, a gang from Chicago that spread in major cities of the United States. The Black Disciples is a large street gang that occupied across many different states. Furthermore, the BD gang is part of a bigger gang alliance known as the ‘Folk Nation’.

The Black Disciples started in 1958 when a group of young teenagers joined together to fight against their enemies. This was the beginning of territorial mayhem and in 1961, David Barksdale was the main leader of the gang. Since then, the gang has spread their influence over multiple states and across generations.

  • Bd means Black Disciples.
  • It lets people know that you’re talking about the Black Disciples, a street gang originating from Chicago.

If you’re talking to someone about street gangs, saying bd is a simple way of talking about the Black Disciples while not mentioning the full name of the gang.

How To Use Bd 

Bd means Black Disciples, now contrary to their name, Black Disciples are not strictly composed of African American citizens. You can use bd through chat or in person, but ideally only to people who are familiar with street gang culture. Furthermore, gangs are generally dangerous, so try to be wary about how you use these abbreviations.


Yo, bd had a shootout last night.

Did you see how large bd has been growing over the years?

You don’t always have to say ‘Black Disciples’ man, keep it lowkey and say ‘bd’ instead.

Bd Meaning Infographic

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