What Does BFE Mean?

Bfe means Butt Fuck Egypt, a phrase that’s meant to say “out in the middle of nowhere”. This abbreviation is used when you have no idea where you are or where something is. It’s commonly used for comedic effect or sheer bewilderment. 

The abbreviation has no credible origin, and not a lot of sources point to someone who could have coined it as well. However, variations of the phrase have long been used. Like “bumfuck Idaho” and “buttfucking Egypt”. The term is supposedly dated to the early 1990s.

  • Bfe means butt fuck Egypt.
  • It lets people know that you’re talking about something that’s in the middle of nowhere. 

If you’re chatting with someone over the phone, you can use bfe as a way to tell them that you’re either lost or that you’re talking about something that’s out in the middle of nowhere.

How To Use Bfe 

Bfe means butt fuck Egypt, an abbreviation that’s commonly used when you’re lost. At the same time, it’s also used to describe things that are in the middle of nowhere. If you’re talking to someone through chat, you can use bfe to express that you don’t know where something is or where you are. However, it’s better to just say the phrase “butt fuck Egypt” when you’re talking in person.


I’m in bfe dude

I don’t know where I parked the car it could be in bfe

Bfe Meaning Infographic

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