What Does BM Mean?

BM means bad mannered, a phrase that lets others know that the person you are referring to has bad manners or is a bad mannered individual. Usually used to indicate or call out a disrespectful player.

The term bm developed as a bit of chat room slang in the Korean gaming scene back in 2007. The abbreviation eventually spread into other countries but the influence didn’t last for long.

  • bm is an abbreviation for bad-mannered.
  • It lets people know that you are talking to or about someone who has bad-manners and is disrespectful. 

If you’re chatting online or playing video games, calling someone a bm can let them and other plays know that the person you’re referring to has bad manners.

How To Use bm

BM is a famous Korean-attributed slang word that means bad mannered. When you see someone you think is disrespectful, mean, or bad-mannered, you can call them out by saying they are bm individuals or they have bm.

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That’s bm don’t do that

Jack is such a bm player

That was super rude, complete bm behavior

Other Meanings

Baby Mother

Bruh Moment

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