What Does Cappin Mean?

Cappin means no lie, a term that talks about a liar or the act of lying. This primarily meant someone who lies about their social and monetary status to seem rich and important. Over the years, this has evolved to just simply lying about something.

The term originated in the 1980s. This was originally used to describe someone who flaunted wealth bute as actually either very poor or drowning in debt. Cappin was added to Urban Dictionary in 2004.

  • Cappin means no lie or someone who lies about their social status.
  • It lets people know you’re referring to lying. This can be something like telling someone not to lie, asking them why they’re lying, or even pointing at someone and calling them a liar.

If you want to call someone out for showing off a wealthy life despite being poor, you can tell them to stop cappin. 

How To Use Cappin 

Cappin is an term that refers to someone who’s lying about their wealth. But this is the old way it was used, now cappin can refer to someone who’s lying in general. Cappin can be used vocally or through text, but is better known as a vocal term. The word is quite dated, so not everyone around you might know what you’re talking about when you say cappin.


Stop cappin dude I hate liars

That guy is poor as hell he’s just cappin

When you’re as rich as me, cappin is just an ego thing

Cappin Meaning Infographic

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