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CFNM Meaning

What Does Cfnm Mean?

CFNM means clothed female naked male, a phrase that sexually talks about men being naked next to girls or women wearing clothes. 

The term cfnm was used way back early 2000s but the concept of cfnm goes as far back as the 17th century. Portraits and drawings of naked men next to women in full clothing attire is what inspired the term and its modern use.

  • cfnm is an abbreviation for clothed female naked male.
  • It is used to refer to a usually sexual circumstance where the man is fully naked while the woman is clothed.

If you’re talking about a sexual experience or event that had a naked man and fully clothed woman, you can use cfnm to shorten what you say.

How To Use Cfnm

CFNM is an Internet slang word that’s mostly used by people who are knowledgeable about the adult industry. It has its own genre in the adult industry, and isn’t commonly used by normal people. Don’t use it formally, it can be uppercase or lowercase.

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It was those cfnm kind of things

Are you watching some cfnm videos?

Cfnm was a huge cultural practice even before the 20th century.

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