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F Meaning

What Does F Mean?

F means paying your respects, a phrase used by online gamers, or people who are exposed to the gaming culture, as a way to show respect in situations that generally involve grieving or loss.

The term F developed in 2014 when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare featured an action that allowed you to press the F key in your keyboard to pay respects to a fallen soldier. Since then the moment has been screencapped and used as a meme everywhere.

  • F is a term for paying your respects.
  • It lets people know that you are paying your respects and that you are mourning for a fallen hero or sad cause.

If you’re chatting online or playing an MMO, typing or saying F lets your friends know that you are paying your respects.

How To Use F

F is an Internet term that you can use through chat or even by vocally saying it in a call. It’s understood by most younger generations. If you want to pay respects or say that you are mourning for something sad, just type F and your friends will know that. It must always be written in uppercase.

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F’s in the chat 

*something bad happens* F

One moment to press F for our fallen comrade.

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