What Does Geaux Mean?

Geaux means “go”, an unofficial french word that’s used to cheer on for Louisiana sports teams. Geaux is often used in the phrase “Geaux Tigers” which can be translated to “Go Tigers”. It is neither an English nor French word but is the quirky and traditional way of cheering for Louisiana sports teams.

The origin of the cheer is unknown, but it can somewhat be traced as far back as the 1980s. It originated as a play on words since “eaux” is a French word that sounds like “oh”. The cheer is now popular across Louisiana and can be seen imprinted on many shirts and souvenirs from the state. 

  • Geaux means go.
  • It lets people know that you’re cheering for a Louisiana team, usually accompanied by the team’s name at the end of the cheer.

If you’re watching a sports game with a team from Lousiana, saying ‘Geaux’ and the team name is a great way to show support. Even if you aren’t from Louisiana.

How To Use Geaux 

Geaux means go, the word is a combination of the English letter “g” and the French word “eaux” which is pronounced as “oh”. Geaux is used as a cheering expression or chant when supporting sports teams from Louisiana. Although this culture is very particular to only Louisiana, if you’re supporting their team you can feel free to scream it as well.


Geaux Tigers!

Geaux Meaning Infographic

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