GGG Meaning

What Does GGG Mean?

GGG means Good Guy Greg, a short abbreviation meant as a term to an old internet meme, Good Guy Greg, who was a meme that was used in positive connotations and examples. “Good Guy Greg, sees trash that isn’t his but picks it up and throws it anyway”

The term GGG developed in early 2011 when a photo of a guy was uploaded with the caption “This is Good Guy Greg”. Since then it has been used as a meme to celebrate general good actions of men.

  • GGG is an abbreviation for Good Guy Greg.
  • It’s an abbreviation that is used mainly as an adjective, although most internet slangs have flexible uses in the english language, when describing a good act or trait. 

When you’re talking to a friend who is also into meme culture, referencing GGG as a description for someone’s action, personality or trait is a good way to give a positive impression.

How To Use GGG

GGG is an Internet slang word so it might not be ideal to use it in a formal conversation or document. The abbreviation can be used via text or chat and in person as well, though most people prefer to just say “good guy greg” instead of “ggg”.

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That was a ggg move.

He’s really nice isn’t he? A real ggg.

I think most ggg people are genuine sweethearts.

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