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What Does HM Mean

The Meaning Of hm

HM means you’re currently thinking, a sort of informal word that closely resembles what people normally say when they are thinking which sounds like “hmmm”. 

The term hm was used all the way back to the early 2000s and by almost all types of people. It was one of those terms or slangs that didn’t really need an explanation but was universally accepted.

  • hm is a term that means “im thinking” or “let me think”.
  • It lets people know that you are currently thinking about something.

If you’re chatting online or voice calling with someone while playing games, using hm can let them know that you are currently thinking.

How To Use hm

HM is not so much an Internet slang word as it is something we humans naturally say or produce as a sound. You can type hm in chat or say hm while on a call, depending on the situation you can even say, but not type,  hm in a formal context.

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Hm let me think

Oh hm i don’t know

Hmmm im really conflicted

Other Meanings

How much?

High maintenance

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