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ikr Meaning

  • Ikr means “I know right.”
  • Use ikr to agree with what someone said.

While some of the phrases used in the text originated in this medium, others, such as ikr, are borrowed from everyday life.

The Meaning of Ikr

Ikr is an abbreviation for “I know it is true”. This phrase first appeared in the early 1990s, and its first use in electronic communication can be traced back to at least 2004.

The phrase itself irritated some linguistic commentators. The phrase “I know” itself signals that we are aware of what the other person is saying, or that we agree with it. According to some critics, adding the word “right” turns a phrase into a question. However, “right” in “I know, right” is really just a way to add emphasis. Using “isn’t it” instead of “right” can also work in a similar way.

How to Use Ikr

Ikr is a little different from “I know” or “yes” because it can show that you totally agree or that you agree with someone’s mistrust. It can also make you feel relieved that someone shares your feelings about something.

The abbreviation ikr is mainly used in informal communication, especially on the Internet or through text messages. You don’t need to write in capital letters, but you can if you want. It is not written separated by commas between the letters k and r.


  • Jane looks better with shorter hair. Caviar, and the new color suits her too.
  • There is no chance that I will be ready for tomorrow’s quiz. Caviar, Miss Stevens is too demanding.
  • He’s such a snob. RBI ?!
  • People shouldn’t say “directly” after “I know.” Caviar 😛

Ikr Meaning Infographic

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