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What Does IMK Mean

The Meaning Of imk

imk means let me know but is the mispelled abbreviation for LMK. Most people confused the l in lmk as a capitalization of the letter i when it is actually a letter L. lmk means let me know and is a way to tell someone that you would like to be informed if something were to happen.

The term imk developed some time after lmk was first used, which was in the mid 2000s. There are no credible sources to the origin of the abbreviation and as to why its misuse was extremely widespread.

  • imk is an abbreviation for let me know, but misspelled (correct spelling is LMK).
  • It lets people know that you would like to be notified or told if something were to happen.

If you’re chatting or texting, using lmk can let your partner know that you want to be told or notified when something you’re waiting for happens.

How To Use imk

imk is an Internet slang word but is correctly used as lmk (with an L and not an i). If you want someone to tell you when something is about to happen you can tell them to let you know by saying “lmk when this happens”

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Lmk when it happens

Could you lmk when we’re starting?

I need you to lmk when she comes online.

Other Meanings

In my knowledge

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