What Does KYS Mean?

KYS means kill yourself, a very negative phrase, it means to let people know that you are angry with them or are annoyed. However the abbreviation is also commonly used as a joke among friends, a light-hearted manner of saying “you should be ashamed”.

Though the origins of the abbreviation are uncertain, it seems that the abbreviation was already used in gaming culture as early as 2003, with references to it dating just as far back. 

  • KYS is an abbreviation for kill yourself.
  • It lets people know if you are angry, or can be ironically used in a light-hearted way to tell your friends that they made a mistake or should be ashamed.

If you’re chatting online or being on a voice call with someone and you want to tease and tell them that they should be ashamed, you can tell them to kys.

How to Use KYS

KYS is an Internet slang word, and doesn’t really translate well into something you can say in formal or informal real life conversations. Kys is best used when talking to friends and good acquaintances who know that you don’t mean to use the word in a negative manner.

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Dude i hate you, that was meant to be mine. Kys huhu.

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