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What Does LMK Mean

The Meaning Of lmk

LMK means let me know, a phrase that lets your friends or others know that you want them to inform you of something whenever certain conditions are met. Usually used when waiting for something.

The term lmk developed as early as the 2000s and is one of the older generation of internet abbreviations and slangs. The origin is unclear as it was used by everyone and no real claim could validate its origins.

  • lmk is an abbreviation for let me know.
  • It lets people know that you want them to inform you about something when it happens.

If you’re chatting online or texting someone, lmk will inform them that you want to be told or notified when something happens.

How To Use lmk

lmk is an Internet slang word and is best used in texts or chat, there’s no point in saying “lmk” as let me know requires the same amount of syllables. It is highly discouraged to not use the abbreviation in formal conversations but it can be written in uppercase or lowercase.

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Lmk when dinner is ready.

Alright lmk when it happens.

If ever you feel down and need help lmk okay?

Other Meanings

Launched my kitten

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