Mhm Meaning

What Does Mhm Mean?

Mhm is a term for okay, a word that’s meant to sound like an agreeing hum, which is a common way of saying okay. This is also similar to when you say “uhuh” in agreement.

We’ve already used mhm for decades even before the internet was created. There is no attributed source for who “found a way to spell mhm” but it’s a common term that’s used globally. Internet-wise, the earliest official account for it on Urban Dictionary was on 2004.

  • Mhm is a term for okay.
  • It lets people know you’re saying okay. This can be used cheerfully or with sadness, but it’s hard to tell through chat. 

If you’re chatting with someone or even talking to them in real life, saying mhm or typing it out will let them know you’re agreeing with them.

How To Use Mhm

Mhm is a term that we’ve always used. It’s hard to hear what it sounds like by reading it, but it’s the sound you make when your mouth is closed and you hum something in agreement. You can use this vocally or through chat, as it’s universally understood. However, it’s hard to use this term in a sad or happy way as it’s hard to tell. 


Mhm, I agree that we should buy a flamingo.

I guess that’s true. Mhm.

Wait let me think… mhm I knew I was right.

Mhm Meaning Infographic

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