What Does MOQ Mean?

Moq means a girl who is absolutely perfect in a satirical way. Moq is a term that refers to girls who are extremely self-absorbed and self-important.

Moq originated as a meme or stereotype that was created by Youtuber Jenna Marbles. In a video about dating experiences, she made a skit with a boy dressed as a girl named “Moq” whose personality was pompous and arrogant.

  • Moq is a term to refer to a girl that is extremely self-absorbed and who thinks she is perfect, subsequently meaning she never makes mistakes.
  • It’s a term that was briefly used by Jenna Marbles’ fan base when referring to Moq as a character and to other women in real life.

When you’re talking to someone about a girl who feels self-important, arrogant, and perfect you can refer to them as “Moq”. Moq is generally a negative term and is seldom used satirically.

How To Use MOQ

Moq is a term that is used only when referring to self-important women, a more modern version of this is “Karen”. The term Moq is not very famous and is even hard to find on google searches. If you were ever to use this, you might have to explain the origin first.

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Of course you’re correct, you’re a Moq.

She thinks she’s always right, she’s a Moq.

You’re just like a Moq, the world revolves around you.

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