What Does Moshi Moshi Mean?

Moshi moshi means hello, a Japanese phrase that’s usually used when picking up a phone to answer someone. Moshi moshi is originally Japanese but has since been adopted in many cultures outside of japan, particularly weeb culture. 

The origin of moshi moshi dates incredibly far back even before the internet. However, the frequent use of the term online can be traced around 2008 and onwards. Moshi moshi is a Japanese phrase that’s popularly used by western anime and Japanese-culture enthusiasts.

  • Moshi moshi means hello.
  • It lets people know that you’re saying hello when picking up a phone call from a friend. You can also use it to catch someone’s attention when they’re spacing out.

If you’re talking to someone over the phone, especially if they’re calling you first, saying “moshi moshi” is a great way of saying hello when talking tofriends.

How To Use Moshi Moshi 

Moshi moshi means hello, but is actually not literally “hello”. There are a lot of ways you can say hello in Japanese. Furthermore moshi moshi was traditionally used before as a way to talk to higher ups. You can still use the Japanese phrase when talking to your friends, but for strangers, try to avoid that phrase and use something else instead. A great alternative is “hai” which means “yes”.


Moshi moshi

Moshi moshi how are you?

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