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NG Meaning

What Does Ng Mean?

NG means no good, a phrase that lets others know that something is no good or wrong. It’s commonly used as a response to questions like “how’s that going?” or “is it okay?”

The term ng has been used since 2009 and its origins are unknown, the very vague abbreviation is a generic response and thus makes it hard to find a source for. It most likely developed due to social communication.

  • ng is an abbreviation for no good.
  • It lets people know that something is not good or wrong.

If you’re chatting online or playing an MMO, ng lets your friends know that something is no good.

How To Use Ng

NG is better used in text or chat as a response to questions that ask about the state of something, like “how is it going?”. It’s a very informal response and should not be used for formal literature.

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Ng, engine is damaged.

I checked the radiator and it’s ng.

Ng, i don’t think i can make it tonight.

Other Meanings

New game

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