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OBJ Meaning

What Does Obj Mean?

OBJ means objective, a term that lets people know you’re talking about the objective. Commonly used as slang in competitive games where objectives are key to winning.

The term obj developed because as more competitive shooting games got released, the language of saying “objective” grew shorter to obj, which is faster to say.

  • obj is a slang for objective.
  • It lets people know that you are talking about the objective.

If you’re chatting or calling with friends online, typing out “obj” instead of “objective” will save you a lot of time and help your friends know what you mean faster.

How To Use Obj

OBJ is only best used while playing competitive games that actually have objectives in them. It can be used through chat or vocally in a call. Obj is best used in those scenarios where time is limited and you are in a rush.

Search Interest


I’m going obj, cover me.

Has he gone obj? We aren’t there yet

I’ll be at obj in about five minutes.

Other Meanings

Occasional Blow Job

Obligatory Blow Job

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