Ora Meaning

What Does Ora Mean?

Ora is a Japanese word for come on, it’s a term that’s meant to taunt your opponent to come at you. This lets your enemy know that you’re expecting a fight. At the same time, it’s usually expressed through voice chat and done so with many iterations. Oraoraoraoraora.

This was popularized in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, a Japanese Anime about superpowers. The first instance of ‘oraoraora’ being used was around 2018 in a Jojo episode.

  • Ora is a Japanese word for come on.
  • It lets people know you’re telling them to come at you in a threatening way, to engage in a fight.

If you’re chatting with someone or talking to them in real life, you can use ora as a way to taunt them. But this rarely ever used seriously and is only done in good humor.

How To Use Ora

Ora is a Japanese term that’s popularly used in quick successions, like “oraoraoraora”. Although it is a taunt, oraoraora is hardly ever used seriously. In Japan, curse words are vocally expressed through the tone of your voice. If you said “ora” in a normal tone, it could be taken as something simple like “look here”. However, if you shout “ORA” in a scary voice, it is received as a serious cuss word. In this sense, shouting it multiple times and in a loud voice is perceived as threatening.



Come here and fight me oraoraora

Fight me you coward oraoraoraora

Ora Meaning Infographic

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