PAWG Meaning

What Does PAWG Mean?

PAWG means Phat Ass White Girl, a term that refers to a girl with a phat ass. It’s commonly used by black males, often as a joke, to refer to a girl who has an excellent, well-shaped and large butt. Pawg is generally taken as a sexist term though.

The term pawg isn’t credited to any source you can really find online but the earliest uses of it date back to 2003, and in the Urban Dictionary it was registered in 2004. Suffice to say the sexist term is very old.

  • PAWG is an abbreviation for Phat Ass White Girl.
  • It refers to a white girl with a large butt and is considered by many to be a sexist term.

If you’re chatting online or talking to someone in real life, using the word pawg to refer to someone will mean that who you’re referring to is white female has a large butt.

How to Use PAWG

PAWG is an informal and looked-down upon Internet slang word, and as such, it might be best to avoid using it all together. The term is generally received and seen as sexist and disrespectful, we suggest that you not use it.

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Did you see that pawg pass by?

Pawg means phat ass white girl

If she has a large butt and white she’s a pawg

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