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What Does Pepega Mean?

Pepega means retard, it’s a politically correct way of saying ‘retard’. It’s mostly used in the confines of humor and isn’t directed at people with actual disabilities. Pepega is sarcastically used and should not be taken seriously. 

The meme was popularized in April 2018 in Twitch streamer Forsen’s discord and chat. A picture of the Pepe meme was uploaded with the caption ‘Pepega’. This meme was sarcastically used at first, since it was spoofed as a tryhard way of trying to be funny. But this eventually ended up as a humorous way of calling someone a retard. 

  • Pepega is a word that means retard.
  • It lets people know you’re calling them a retard but in a sarcastic way, for the sake of humor. The term is not meant to be used literally against individuals with disabilities.

If you’re talking with someone in real life or chatting with them, pepega can be a fun way of calling them a retard for doing something unconventional or stupid. 

How To Use Pepega

Pepega is a Twitch term that’s usually used when a streamer does something stupid. You can use this in Twitch chats or when talking to someone familiar with Twitch culture. Pepega is considered lighthearted banter and shouldn’t be used seriously or to shame people with disabilities. 


He’s a nerd pepega 

Bro why are you so dumb, actual pepega.

Lmao nice plan but it didn’t work weirdchamp pepega.

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