Periodt Meaning

What Does Periodt Mean?

Periodt means that’s right, it’s a variation of ‘period’ and is used to tell someone that what you’re saying is right. At the same time, it’s also a way of ‘clapping back’ at somebody who you just shut down by using a great argument.

The origin of the word is most likely rooted in black culture, but there’s no official documentation for it. The earliest collection of it being used was in 2009 by Twitter user @PBCliberal. Other says that periodt started from a certain demographic’s inability to say ‘period’ without adding a ‘t’ sound. According to some, this was how the word originated and spread. 

  • Periodt means that’s right.
  • It lets people know that what you’re saying is correct. Usually used when shutting down someone from climbing up a wrong argument.

If you’re chatting with someone or talking to them over Twitter, ending your sentence with ‘Periodt’ is a way of letting them know you think you’re right. 

How To Use Periodt

Periodt is famously a Twitter term but can be used anywhere. It’s a bit hard to say vocally, but it’s not uncommon for people to say it. You can say or type ‘Periodt’ at the end of a sentence to tell someone you’re right. This can also be used to agree with someone, reinforcing their opinion by saying ‘periodt’. 


Periodt! Yas queen

Check for the facts before spouting nonsense. Periodt

Girl, periodt! You need to respect and know your worth.

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