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PK Meaning

What Does pk Mean?

pk means player kill, a phrase that refers to killing other players in an online game. It’s commonly used in MMORPGs or FPS games where player vs player combat is the main aspect of the game.

The term pk developed in the early 2000s together with the rising popularity of online FPS games at the time. It was commonly used in games like Counter Strike. Halo, and much more.

  • pk is an abbreviation for player kill.
  • It lets people know that you will either kill a player or are talking about player kills in general.

If you’re chatting online or playing an MMO, pk lets your friends know that you are gonna kill someone and commit a player kill.

How To Use pk

pk is a gaming internet slang word and is generally only used among gamers, particularly FPS  shooters or MMORPG games. If you’re talking about killing players as a verb, or referring to the action of killing players as a noun, pk is an abbreviation that can be understood as both.

Search Interest


I’m pking that guy.

I don’t wanna pk you but i will if i have to.

Dude I had so many pks yesterday, it was insane.

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