What Does PROC Mean?

Proc means programmed random occurrence, a term in video games and programming that refers to when something that occurs through chance happens or by specific condition is met, and an effect is triggered. 

The term was first used back when gamers played Multi-user Dungeon (MUD) but was then popularized only after it was used in Everquest sometime early 2000s.

  • Proc is an abbreviation for programmed random occurrence.
  • It describes an event that only happens at a certain chance or when specific preset conditions are met.

If you’re playing games online or even discussing game mechanics with a friend, using the word proc will let them know when an event is triggered or how to achieve conditions to make an event trigger.

How to Use PROC

Proc is a term that is generally only used by gamers and programmers, using it in any context outside of that might leave most people confused. Proc can both be a noun, verb (proc) or an adverb (procs), depending on the usage.

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Did the poison damage proc already?

That item has very good stats but its proc chances are very low.

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