What Does RHEC Mean?

RHEC means raise hell and eat cornbread, a name of a song label that was written by Ryan Upchurch. It’s usually a term or phrase used as a meme to satirically come off as a superior human being. 

Though the term started as a way to talk about the redneck movement, the abbreviation originated in 2016 when Ryan Upchurch released songs by label RHEC entertainment, which meant raise hell and eat cornbread.

  • RHEC is an abbreviation for raise hell and eat cornbread.
  • It’s a term that talks about the redneck movement and has been sarcastically used as a joke about being a superior human being. .

If you’re talking about the redneck community, or expressing a racist or superiority comment, RHEC can be used as a supporting joke.

How To Use Rhec

RHEC is an Internet slang word, and is rarely ever used outside the small community that knows or listens to redneck music. That being said, RHEC is definitely something most people won’t recognize, but you might get a good laugh from saying “raise hell and eat cornbread”.

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I’m clearly better than all of you, RHEC.

I just want to fight for the #RHEC movement.

I wish all white men would disappear, #RHEC

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