What Does /s Mean?

/s means that a statement before it was meant to be sarcastic. /s is a way of letting people know that what you just said is meant to be taken as sarcasm, to indicate that people shouldn’t take what you said seriously.

The origin of /s is very vague and foggy, however it was popularized in 2010 and became a much more commonly used signature at every sarcastic comment since.

  • /s is short for /sarcasm.
  • It’s a practice that lets people know that your previous statements were meant to be sarcasm and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

If you’re chatting online, playing video games or writing an article, /s lets your friends and audience know that you are being sarcastic.

How to Use /s

/s is an informal Internet practice and should be avoided when using it in real life, as /s is not easy to say and sarcasm can usually be understood by the tone of your voice. When you want to say something sarcastic, just add “/s” at the end of your statement to let your readers know.

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My life is so fun, I want to live forever /s

Gee that was the hardest boss I ever fought /s

He’s busy? I bet he’s studying for his exams and not playing games /s

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