What Does Salt Life Mean?

Salt life means a frequent beachgoer, a term that refers to someone who likes to surf or swim on the beach a lot. This was popularized when the Salt Life company made stickers for their brand which eventually got plastered on frequent beachgoer’s belongings.

Using ‘Salt life’ to describe someone was already used in the early 2000s, however, this became a joke around 2006 and onwards. Soccer moms or ‘beach phonies’ would have this sticker plastered all around their belongings, despite not being a frequent beachgoer.

  • Salt life means someone is a frequent beachgoer.
  • It lets people know you’re talking about beach life. Furthermore, it’s used to describe someone who frequently goes to the beach.

If you’re talking to someone about going to the beach frequently, that type of lifestyle is referred to as the salt life. 

How To Use Salt life 

Salt life originally means a frequent beachgoer, but this has changed over the years due to ‘phonies’ or ‘fakes’ who pretend to be frequent beachgoers. This is usually in reference to soccer moms, rednecks, or other people who are faking the salt life as a personality trait.


I’m all about the salt life bro, I love dolphins

Did you see that salt life sticker on the back of that soccer mom’s car?

Why do you keep pretending to be a frequent beachgoer with all your salt life stickers? We know you don’t know how to swim Bethany.

Salt life Meaning Infographic

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