What Does SBMM Mean?

Sbmm means Skill Based MatchMaking. sbmm is an abbreviation that is often used in competitive games to refer to a competitive ranking of matches.

Sbmm is a relatively new abbreviation that rose in popularity recently due to multiple gaming franchises implementing this system in their games. The concept itself has been in the gaming industry for a long time already, it just never had a global term until now.

  • Sbmm is an abbreviation for Skill Based MatchMaking.
  • It is a term to refer to a gaming system that looks for enemies and allies that are on the same skill level as you or your party.

When you’re talking about competitive games with someone or reading about it through an article, it refers to an essential component in the matchmaking system of that game to match you with allies and enemies similar to your rank or skill.

How to Use SBMM

Sbmm is competitive gaming jargon that can be used in text or vocally through a call or personal conversation. That being said it might not be something normal people, or even other gamers that don’t play competitive games, will be able to pick up and understand. It can be written in uppercase or lowercase.

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SBMM opponents are at my skill level.

Playing in SBMM helps make sure we don’t fight any high-level players.

I wish they’d remove SBMM, sometimes I just want to fight against weaker opponents.

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