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What Does SD Mean

The Meaning Of sd

sd means sugar daddy, a term that refers to a grown man who fully finances younger girls in riches in exchange for sexual favors or company. Sd is commonly used as an abbreviation when talking about sugar daddies.

The term sd developed around the early 2010s when having a sugar daddy became popular in some aspects of the internet. Sd was a way to refer to a sugar daddy without everyone knowing about who you were talking about.

  • sd is an abbreviation for sugar daddy.
  • It lets people know that you are talking about your sugar daddy or a sugar daddy.

If you’re chatting online or talking to a friend, sd will let them know that you are talking about a sugar daddy.

How To Use sd

sd is a very exclusively known term and is not known or used by a lot of people. The only ones that use the abbreviation are the girls who have sugar daddies and are talking amongst themselves. We do not recommend that you use this on any occasion as most people probably won’t understand what you’re referring to.

Search Interest


I need an sd

My sd bought me rings yesterday

I’m waiting on some cash coming in from my sd

Other Meanings

Sweet Dreams

San Diego

Self Destruct

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