What Does Slatt Mean?

Slatt an abbreviation for Slime, Love, All The Time, the word is used as a wholesome way to express affection for rappers. It is particularly used towards, Young Thug and other Atlanta-based YSL-signed rappers. 

The abbreviation has been credited to a lot of artists like Playboy Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Roddy Ricch, and so on. However, the origin is reportedly traced back to Young Thug who dropped the abbreviation 15 times between 2013 to 2016. Since then, the term has popularized especially with the younger generation in similar respects to a “gang sign”, but without the serious connotation of bloodshed. 

  • Slatt means Slime, Love, All The Time.
  • It lets people know that you’re expressing or referencing YSL record label rappers in an endearing and heartfelt way.

If you’re watching a rap video or talking about rap culture, particularly for Atlanta-based rappers that are signed to YSL records, saying Slatt is a great way to express positive emotions towards the culture. 

How To Use Slatt 

Slatt is an abbreviation for Slime, Love, All The Time, the word references YSL rappers. Rappers that signed to this label usually spread the love by saying “Slatt”. This goes on for their fans and is primarily used in Atlanta. However, TikTok popularized this and it has been somewhat of a meme as of 2020.


I’m grateful for everyone that came here to watch me perform. Slatt!

Slatt Meaning Infographic

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