SMDH Meaning

What Does Smdh Mean?

SMDH means  shaking my damn head, a phrase that lets others know that you’re disappointed, repulsed or find something unjustifiable. It’s more commonly used as just smh (shaking my head).

The term SMDH has a long history and was first seen in Urban Dictionary in 2004 when a user submitted the abbreviation with the definition of “used in response when you see something so stupid no words can do it justice.”

  • SMDH is an abbreviation shaking my damn head.
  • It lets people know that you are disappointed and repulsed at something you found incredibly stupid and frustrating.

If you’re chatting online or even in a voice call, smdh lets your friends know that you are shaking your head.

How To Use Smdh

SMDH can be used online and offline, although most people prefer to use “smh” instead of smdh. The abbreviation can be typed through chat or said personally and through call as individual letters: s, m, h. The term is informal and can be used in uppercase and lowercase

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Smdh why are you stupid?

Why is everyone so angry over nothing smdh.

Starbucks really got my name wrong even though it’s just Joe, SMDH.

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