What Does SquadW Mean?

Squadw means to support a statement about double standards ironically or genuinely. squadw is a Twitch emote, which is a type of emoji, that is referenced to streamer Trainwrecks. 

squadw originated when Twitch streamer Trainwrecks would express his opinion on gender double standards in an exaggerated manner. The Emote was added in September 2018 to the Twitch website.

  • squadw is a term to show support ironically or genuinely for a comment about gender double standards.
  • It’s an abbreviation that people mainly used in the Twitch and gaming community through emotes, text or even voice calls.

When you’re talking to someone someone about double standards or a double standard comment randomly appears, you can use “squadw” as a way to show light-hearted support, sarcasm or disbelief.

How to Use SquadW

SquadW is a term that is used only when communicating about double standards. What’s more essential to keep in mind about the informal term is that it is not a common term that everyone will understand. It’s best used as a Twitch emote and maybe through chat or conversation.

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SquadW, i genuinely agree.

SquadW that is very controversial.

That seems a little too SquadW man, are you exaggerating?

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