What Does SSJ Mean?

SSJ is an abbreviation for Super Saiyan, it’s mainly in reference to the Japanese anime Dragon Ball. SSJ is a superpower that lets Saiyans, like Goku, become stronger by turning into a Super Saiyan.

The Super Saiyan first aired in April 1991 when the main character, Goku, unleashed his full potential and transcended into SJJ status. Super Saiyan is pronounced Supa Saiyajin, which is where the SSJ abbreviation came from.

  • SSJ is an abbreviation for Super Saiyan
  • It lets people know that you’re talking about Super Saiyan or Dragon Ball. SSJ also has multiple stages, so you can represent this by saying SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, and so on.

If you’re talking to someone about Super Saiyan transformations from Dragon Ball, you can say SSJ instead of Super Saiyan to shorten it.

How To Use SSJ

SSJ is an abbreviation for Super Saiyan, you can use it when talking about Dragon Ball or Goku. It’s better used in chat since Super Saiyan is easier to say than SSJ. But either way is acceptable. At the same time, SSJ also has 12 modes which are abbreviated by SSJ1 to SSJ12. SSJ is pronounced by dictating the individual letters, S, S, and J.


SSJ1 was the best Super Saiyan transformation ever.

You don’t have to say Super Saiyan, saying SSJ is faster.

Goku was the strongest SSJ ever! He was also the first one to reach SSJ blue.

SSJ Meaning Infographic

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