What Does STG Mean?

STG means swear to God, a phrase that expresses anger or exaggeration. Stg is an abbreviation meant to let who you’re talking to know that you are infuriated or that you are about to say an exaggeration.

The origins of the abbreviation is not credited anywhere which makes where it came from a mystery. We do know however that the abbreviation has been used much more often past 2015 onwards.

  • STG is an abbreviation for swear to god.
  • It lets people know that you are infuriated or angry at something or if you are about to exaggerate something.

If you’re chatting online or playing an MMO, stg lets your friends know that you are angry or in an exaggerated mood.

How to Use STG

STG is an Internet slang word most commonly used in texts and chat, however saying “stg” is not really something you should do, as “swear to god” is easier to understand and has the same number of syllables. Do not use it in a formal setting as it is an informal slang.

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Stg I’m about to rage.

Dude i stg you look amazing.

Stg I need myself a milkshake.

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