What Does TIFU Mean?

TIFU means today I fucked up, a phrase that lets others know that something extremely bad happened today that was your fault. It’s commonly used before a long paragraph explaining what happened during that day.

The term TIFU developed in early 2010 and later one became widespread, most notably known for its own subreddit in a forum website called Reddit where people share the bad mistakes they committed. https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/.

  • TIFU is an abbreviation for today I fucked up.
  • It lets people know that you fucked up today, thereby creating a huge mistake that you are about to explain.

If you’re chatting online or posting a rant somewhere, TIFU with a title can help summarize your entire experience.

How To Use TIFU

TIFU is an Internet slang word that’s mostly used in the forum site Reddit. It’s primarily used by redditors in the r/TIFU subreddit and is not globally known by most internet netizens. If you ever end up using it, make sure you put it before a title, like “TIFU by not cleaning the dishes so now my mom is mad at me”

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TIFU by crashing my car

TIFU by dropping my hammer on my foot

TIFU by eating too much i vomited and got sick

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