WDYM Meaning

What Does wdym Mean?

wdym means what do you mean?, a phrase that lets others know that you don’t quite understand what they are trying to say and that you are asking them to either clarify what they just said or to explain even further so that you can understand.

The term wdym developed somewhere in 2014 and became officially added to most Internet slang websites in 2015. The term has no credited origin but is used almost everywhere.

  • wdym is an abbreviation for what do you mean.
  • It lets people know that you do not understand what they just said and that you would like them to clarify or explain further.

If you’re texting or chatting online, saying wdym is a way to let your friends know that you want them to clarify what they just said or to explain further.

How To Use wdym

wdym is an Internet slang word that is used by a lot of younger generation users. It’s a pretty common abbreviation however like most internet abbreviations you should try to avoid using them when talking to grown up as they may not understand it.

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Wdym? i don’t really understand.

Wdym i’m not allowed to dye my hair?

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