What Does Wyo Mean?

Wyo means what you on?, an abbreviation that’s generally used online by people to ask about someone’s plans. It’s another way of asking “what are you doing?” or in a different context “what are your plans?”

Wyo origins are uncertain but it was popularly used between 2015 onwards and officially became a slang when it was added to the Urban Dictionary in 2017.

  • Wyo is an abbreviation for what you on?.
  • It’s an abbreviation that people use when texting or chatting with someone and they want to ask about their plans or what they’re currently doing.

If you’re using your phone, computer or any digital device and you want to ask someone if they have plans or to inquire about what they’re doing, wyo is the abbreviation that’ll shorten what you have to say while letting them know what you’re asking.

How To Use Wyo

Wyo is a term that is used only when communicating through text or chat, using it in person will closely resemble the pronunciation of “yo” and you may not get your point across. Wyo is an informal abbreviation and should best be used only with co-workers or friends.

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I got nothing to do, wyo?

I’m off work early and going home, wyo?

Dude there’s this new ice cream place nearby, do you wanna go? wyo?

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