What Does YKTV Mean?

Yktv an abbreviation for you know the vibe, a term that basically asks if you can relate to the vibe that’s happening. This is closely related to phrases like “you feel?” or “do you get it?”. You know the vibe is a recent addition to millennial lingo. 

The term was recently coined around 2018 and has since been a popular hashtag (#yktv) for millennials and gen z individuals. Although the person who coined it is undocumented, it was officially added on Urban Dictionary as early as March 2018.

  • Yktv means you know the vibe.
  • It lets you ask people if they’re feeling your vibe. This is a variant of the phrase, “you feel?”

If you’re talking to someone and are trying to convey or explain an emotion. Saying “yktv?” is an easy way of asking someone if they understand what you’re trying to say.

How To Use Yktv 

Yktv is an abbreviation that lets you ask someone if they understand the vibe you’re talking about. You can you yktv before or after a sentence, as it’s an informal way of speaking. Yktv is better used in chat where it’s easier to read. In person, saying “you know the vibe” is easier and has the same number of syllables as the individual letters of yktv.


Yktv when you’re tired

I’m just trying to get rich man, yktv

I hate it when people fight and they act like nothing happened. yktv. 

Yktv Meaning Infographic

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