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YSL Meaning

What Does Ysl Mean?

YSL means young stoner life, a phrase that talks about being someone who smokes or ingests marijuana or other kinds of psychedelic drugs at a young age.

The term ysl was founded as a record company in 2010 but only became famous around 2016 onwards. Especially with the legalization of marijuana in some states, YSL surged in popularity because of such changes.

  • YSL is an abbreviation for young stoner life.
  • It lets people know that you are talking about a lifestyle that involves marijuana or other psychedelic drugs and ingesting them at a young age.

If you’re chatting online or talking in person you can say YSL or use it as a caption on  any of your posts involving marijuana.

How To Use Ysl

YSL can be used online or offline, however it isn’t a very famous abbreviation and not everyone may understand it. Especially since marijuana is still a delicate subject, the abbreviation should be best used with friends who are familiar with the stoner life.

Search Interest


Lets smoke some weed. Ysl bro.

Got my joint #YSL

You know i’m all about that YSL life bro.

Other Meanings 

Young slime life

Yves Saint Laurent

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