What Does Z71 Mean?

Z71 is a type of “Offroad Suspension Package”, a term that refers to one of Chevy’s or GMC’s options for custom ordering a car. A z71 package usually means that your car will be equipped with really great features for offroad terrain. 

The z71 package was first released in 1988 and was available on the Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, and other pickups. As the years progressed, the z71 package became one of the most renowned packages for adding a lot of great offroad mechanics to your custom car.

  • Z71 is a type of Offroad Suspension Package for cars..
  • It lets people know you’re either talking about a Chevy or GMC offroad suspension package or about a car that’s already built for offroad purposes.

If you’re talking to someone about offroad cars, the z71 is a stable package and is regarded as one of the best offroad packages in the market.

How To Use Z71 

Z71 is a type of “Offroad Suspension Package” that is offered by Chevy and GMC for offroad vehicles. You can use the term verbally or through chat to talk about a z71 vehicle. Z71 can both refer to a car or to the package itself and is often titled as one of the best types of offroad vehicles on the market. 


My old z71 is still the best car I’ve ever owned.

Get the z71 package if you wanna drive offroad.

Z71 Meaning Infographic

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